Hunter, Smith & Davis provides legal services to clients regionally and, in some cases, nationally. Hunter, Smith & Davis is among the oldest firms in the state of Tennessee and one of the largest firms located in the Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, Eastern North Carolina, and Eastern Kentucky region.

When visiting our Johnson City and Kingsport offices, request an information card from the receptionist that will allow you access to our corporate client WIFI network.

All of our attorneys are licensed to practice in Tennessee. In addition we have attorneys licensed to practice in Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Washington, DC, New Jersey, Montana, Illinois and Florida. Our offices are centrally located within a multi-state region. The Tri-Cities region is the nation’s 102nd largest market, with a population of approximately 460,000 people. The Tri-Cities market area is within one day’s drive of 75% of the USA’s population.

Within the Tri-Cities region, Hunter, Smith & Davis has two offices, one in Kingsport and one in Johnson City. Our Kingsport office is located at 1212 North Eastman Road, near the intersection of North Eastman Road and Fort Henry Drive. Our Johnson City office is located in the Bank of Tennessee Office Complex near the intersection of State of Franklin Road and Med Tech Parkway. For street addresses as well as maps and directions to our offices, please follow the links below: