Immigration law can be a complex challenge for many employers. Hunter, Smith & Davis has one of the only dedicated immigration law practice in Upper East Tennessee.  Responding to the emerging needs of its clients in the 21st century, the Firm’s immigration attorneys are committed to helping employers, their employees and families navigate the ever-changing rules and regulations of the immigration process.

We assist companies in securing lawful immigration benefits on behalf of highly-skilled and talented international employees with particular emphasis on the recruitment of physicians, healthcare workers and higher education staff and faculty.  These benefits include among other things, H-1B, L and TN visas, J-1 visa waivers for physicians as well as Lawful Permanent Residency (or ‘Green Cards’).

Moreover, Hunter, Smith & Davis’ Immigration Practice Group serves to assist companies in their compliance with numerous federal rules and regulations that apply to all employers and U.S. citizens relating to the hiring process, including proper Form I-9 completion and retention policies.

Whether the issues relate to workplace compliance or securing valuable employees, the Firm’s immigration practitioners are available to help clients plan for and respond to the sometimes dramatic changes in immigration law and practice that affect their livelihoods in very important ways.