Defending insurance companies has been a significant part of our practice from the time our firm was formed nearly 100 years ago.  Most of our litigation partners regularly represent insurance companies in both first party suits directly against the companies and in lawsuits where we are hired by insurance companies to defend those they insure.  The following is a representative listing of some of the types of cases we are hired to defend.

Arson and Fraud
 – Our firm has handled arson and fraud cases for insurance companies in a large geographic area spanning from Nashville, Tennessee, to Roanoke, Virginia.  The attorneys involved in these cases have developed excellent relationships with state fire marshals and other local law enforcement officers who provide valuable assistance in the investigation of the cases and presentation of the defense at trial.

Coverage Issues
 – Our firm is often hired to provide coverage opinions to insurance companies.  Coverage issues may arise from personal or commercial policies wherein the issue may be misrepresentation in the application or procurement of the policy, or the issue may be wherein the “loss” falls within the coverage provisions of the policy, or whether the loss is excluded by the language of the policy.

Medical Malpractice
 – We regularly represent physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory surgery centers, psychologists, advanced practice nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, dentists, laser centers, and cancer centers in matters involving healthcare services.  In client satisfaction surveys, the Firm has received only the highest ratings from our health care clients.  Moreover, the majority of the medical malpractice cases handled by our firm are resolved in favor of our client without any payment to the plaintiff.  Our attorneys become educated about the relevant medical issues in each of the lawsuits. This achieves the best goal for our clients.

Motor Vehicle
 – For individuals and for companies involved in motor vehicle accidents that result in injuries, our attorneys serve as trial counsel for those who are injured and for those who are being sued.  Our attorneys are well-known in the law enforcement communities and the medical communities, which are necessary resources in the prosecution and defense of lawsuits involving motor vehicle accidents.  Our firm achieves excellent results measured either by jury outcomes or favorable out-of-court settlements.  The attorneys who handle these matters are compassionate when appropriate, but tough when necessary to advance our clients’ case.  The satisfaction of our clients is demonstrated by the loyalty of our clients when they return to us when they need representation again.

Premises Liability
 – Retail, industrial, healthcare, manufacturing, and municipal groups are among the types of property owners that we have represented in premises liability lawsuits.  These matters have been defended successfully on liability and causation issues.  Death, loss of limbs, and lesser injuries have been the subject of some of the cases the firm has successfully handled.  We utilize engineers, architects, accident reconstruction, and human factors experts when warranted by the facts of the case.

Products Liability
 – Our Firm has defended manufacturers in regard to personal injury and property damage claims arising from the use of a wide variety of products including automobiles (Volkswagon) construction equipment, surgical and other medical devices, farm equipment, pharmaceuticals, toys, industrial equipment, ladders, and lawn equipment.  Many of these matters were successfully tried to a jury decision.  The firm works closely with manufacturers to gain an in-depth understanding of the product to prepare a successful defense.