Hunter, Smith & Davis, LLP began advising clients on labor and employment matters prior to the passage of the National Labor Relations Act in 1935.  Because of the early focus, Hunter, Smith & Davis, LLP is often considered to be a “labor firm” and we are proud to offer across-the-board labor and employment law services for our corporate and business clients.  The depth and experience of our employment attorneys allow us to serve employers of all sizes in all areas that are implicated by the employer-employee relationship, including:

  • Traditional labor law;
  • Litigation of employment disputes
  • Regulations that prohibit discrimination in the workplace;
  • Workers’ compensation law;
  • Workplace safety;
  • Creation of internal policy and procedure;
  • Workplace investigations; and
  • Alternative dispute programs.

Hunter, Smith & Davis, LLP is proud to have represented and been an ally for business and corporate interests for nearly a century. Yesterday’s challenges have evolved, but we have consistently supported employers when government regulation or enforcement has become excessive, in countering an aggressive attorney or law firm who is representing a current or former employee, and in meeting the challenges of a trade-union movement that is determined to organize new workers.

Our focus is not, however, on providing reactive legal services, but rather in taking the proactive approach. Our attorneys conduct training on a variety of topics, a menu of which can be accessed by clicking here.
On a routine basis, we assist Human Resources Departments – or function as a surrogate for those that do not have an HR Department – in shaping situations on the front end to yield satisfactory outcomes.
Running your company is your business; providing sound guidance and advice is ours.

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