Do I really need any of the training listed?  It’s a question every employer asks at some point.  That you even consider the question does not put you at risk; but if you answer it in the negative, you may be creating exposure for your company from which it cannot recover.

Consider this:  a conservative estimate of your defense costs of employment-based litigation is $125,000, not including the damages awarded if you happen to also find yourself on the losing end.  Increased workers’ compensation premiums, employee turnover, downward spiraling employee morale and interference with your business operations are consequences companies experience when training opportunities are ignored.
Administrative charges and litigation based on employment activities are consistently rising.  Couple that with the evaluation of the working environment due to technology gains, employee interaction, and employees’ increased awareness of their rights, and you have the potential for a perfect storm if you stand by and do nothing.

Incorporating training into your working environment serves several purposes.  It educates your leaders, and education is empowerment.  When your leaders grasp their responsibilities, your company expectations, and the tools your company provides them to carry out their roles, those leaders are more likely to perform their jobs effectively, efficiently and consistently.

Training re-enforces your commitment to a workplace that is free from distraction – whatever – the source and confirms your dedication to provide an environment where employees can excel and capture opportunities.  Employees are observant, and they know when their leaders are trained.  Additionally, when employees participate in sessions designed specifically for their needs, your company’s commitment to utilizing best practices is underscored for them.

If your company has employment practices liability coverage, training may also mean mitigation credit toward your deductible or even reduced annual premiums.
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