Whether a workplace incident involves an injury to a valued employee or a potential Occupational Safety and Health issue, or both, our Firm can assist in all phases of an Employer’s programs and procedures.

We regularly help employers with establishing workplace policies and regulatory / administrative compliance, with a goal of avoiding costly and time-consuming litigation.  If a matter requires participation in the administrative, regulatory or litigation process, we have extensive experience in assisting employers reduce Workers’ Compensation and OSHA exposures in Tennessee and Virginia, from the posting of a citation or order for benefits to the judicial review of an administrative decision.

We can also assist in solving the puzzle employer’s face in the interplay among workers’ compensation, the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act.  Though our goal is always the efficient and speedy resolution of disputes, our members include experienced and creative litigation attorneys who are ready to provide aggressive defense for employers in administrative and judicial hearings and trials, if necessary.