Anti-trust – Our firm has been involved in the majority of anti-trust litigation filed in the state and federal courts in Northeast Tennessee.  These cases have been predicated on the Sherman Act, the Robinson-Patman Act, the Tennessee Fair Trade Practices Act, and the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act.  Many of these suits have been class actions.  For the most part, our firm has been involved in defending anti-trust actions; however, in a few instances we have represented companies that have been the victim of illegal restraint of trade actions by others.  Our firm has been chosen by some of the nation’s largest law firms to serve as local counsel in multi-district litigation.

Contract Disputes
– We regularly represent large corporations, small companies, and individuals in lawsuits wherein the terms of a contract are in dispute.  Our firm utilizes various forums of dispute resolution to achieve the best result for the client dependent upon the specific priorities of the client.  If there is a business solution to a contract dispute, then we work diligently to reach that solution.  If a decision by a court or a jury is required, then our firm vigorously tries the case.

– Our firm represents property owners, developers, and interested entities to resolve environmental disputes.  We work with state and federal regulators to address issues that arise in lawsuits.  When necessary, environmental experts and appraisers are frequently utilized to better prepare cases for trial.  Frequently, our corporate and litigation practice groups work together to deliver desired results for clients faced with environmental issues.

 – Healthcare litigation often arises in context of the separation of a physician from a group practice, the revocation or suspension of the hospital staff privileges, and privileges of a physician or other health care provider, disputes with payer sources.  Our firm’s representation of hospitals and physician practice groups provides an excellent background for the handling of these issues.  We have represented physicians, nurses, psychologists, pharmacists, and other providers before the Tennessee and Virginia Boards of Health where action against their licensure is at issue.

Insurance Coverage Disputes
 – We are regularly engaged in coverage disputes arising under Comprehensive General Liability Policies, Medical Insurance Policies, Bank Liability Policies, and Fire Insurance Policies.  The Firm has represented individuals and companies on both sides of the disputes, i.e. the insurers, the insured’s, and sometimes third-party beneficiaries of the policies.  These disputes are often handled through an active motion practice to attempt to resolve or narrow the issues that actually are litigated in court.  Our experienced litigation attorneys have a favorable impact for clients.

Intellectual Property
 – Our firm has been involved in significant intellectual property litigation, particularly in the area of patent infringement cases.  We have represented clients both in the prosecution of patent infringement cases and in the defense of such claims.  Our substantial courtroom experience is a valuable asset in protecting the interests of our clients in the cases which are often the subject of highly technical information and evidence.

Public Utilities
 – For most of its history, our firm has represented the providers of public utilities located in our geographical area.  Currently, we regularly appear before the Tennessee Regulatory Authority in Nashville, Tennessee, on all types of utility related administrative matters.  In addition, we continue to represent various utilities in court cases and other proceedings, and render legal advice on a continuing basis.